The Story of a Photographer

Hello! I am Leah, the photographer behind Photography by Leah! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work! My style is modern, natural portraits. Photography has always been a huge part of my life. I started taking pictures in the first grade with my 110mm fisher price film camera. I quickly upgraded to a Canon AE1 and eventually fell in love with medium format, shooting with Mamiyas. I have photographed 1000's of babies, kids, families, events & weddings. I have taken many classes and have extensive training in posing and portraiture. My first job, I had it all set for the day I turned 15, was a 1hr photo lab in the mall until I was old enough to work at a popular mall portrait studio during college. Photography as a business was put on the back burner while my children were babies. During this time, the photography industry was quickly changing from film to digital. I was hesitant about digital photography (I really LOVE film), but luckily I had 4 adorable babies who let me chase them around with my camera while I got the hang the technical side of digital photography. While I primarily use digital equipment now, I still try to shoot like I am using an old manual film camera.  I do not heavily process/edit the images. I believe true photography is chasing light and getting it "right" in the camera, when the image is taken and not relying on post processing in the computer. Here I am at 40 yrs old, a full time photographer, fully insured, with high quality, professional equipment (and back-up too). I have a lovely, little natural light studio in our Skowhegan home for newborns, babies and cake smashes. I have a long list of gorgeous outdoor locations in the area to shoot at as well. I often travel for work, from Bar Harbor to Kennebunk, I LOVE my job and have enjoyed capturing so many special milestones for families living in and visiting Maine for the last 5+ years. I am always trying to grow my photography and love trying new locations, techniques, updating my studio sets and hauling vintage furniture outside . I also enjoy networking with other photographers and sharing my knowledge of photography with people looking to improve their skills. I often hold workshops at my studio, private lessons, craft nights and dreaming of starting a community darkroom.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”