If you have clicked around on my website, you will recognize this gorgeous little face. I have been photographing Kallaway since she was in her mama's belly. Every year for her birthday shoot, Lindsey and I plan a theme shoot. 1st birthday- hot air ballon, 2nd birthday- a boho teepee, 3rd birthday- a tea party and this year at the beach..... to match her party theme, MERMAIDS!

As you can imagine, the weather is the most unpredictable aspect of scheduling sessions and it makes things even trickier when we can't wait until the very last minute to reschedule as we are both traveling an hour and a half to get to the beach. I checked the weather that morning and it looked perfect. I arrived at Reid State Park early to get in some much needed beach time. Around 3pm, Lindsey texted me that it was a little cloudy back at home. I responded that it was sunny and awesome at the beach, so they decided to get ready and head down for our 6:30pm shoot. About an hour later, out of nowhere the sky became dark and angry. Gah! As I tried to pack up my stuff, it started raining, and not just a sprinkle, but big heavy drops of rain. Then came the downpour, for a good 30 minutes. What?! I waited it out in my car deciding what to do while constantly refreshing my weather radar app. Luckily for us the rain stopped and blue skies appeared as quickly as they disappeared. We even had a rainbow. I sent Lindsey a text to continue on and that the radar shows we might have another storm, but let's chance it. I mentioned, jokingly, I was bummed we missed the rainbow. By 5:30 it was gorgeous again, darn weather! Around 6:30, we started Kallaway's session on the rocks, a few impromtu family pics, a pretty dress and an adorable mermaid set that Kallaway was beyond thrilled to wear. We went down to the sandy beach just in time for the pretty light. As we got down there, another rainbow appeared, it was perfect!

As usual, part two of every shoot is at during the #prettylight in the field behind their house. This family is so lucky to live on "the hill" where they have the most incredible sunsets. This shoot was extra special because it was Kallaway and her big sister, Lexi. They share a birthday and this year was a big milestone for Lexi, the Sweet 16! Adoring sisters in matchy floral dresses during golden hour light. It can't get any better than that. Scroll down for my favorites. Another epic milestone session. I am looking forward to next year already. Happy Birthday Lexi + Kallaway!!