I've Missed You!

Oh what a crazy new world this is! I hope you are all staying healthy and trying to find the positives of the current situation. I miss "normal," it has been heartbreaking to have to postpone so many fleeting milestones, special events and yearly shoots due to this pandemic. I get it though, hopefully by following the CDC guidelines we can flatten the curve and save lives.

I am thankful to be in Central Maine, watching footage from the hard hit spots in the world is devastating. Never would I have imagined a time like this. We are making the best of it. I dusted off my sewing machine from college (20+ years ago) and have been cranking out face masks to donate. Anybody need some? No, seriously, the stitching is not perfect, but I have a bunch of fun fabrics.

My positive from all of this... I am thankful for the extra time with my kids. They are at the age where they will be heading off to college in just a few short years, whaaaaattt???? It has been nice to bake, cook, craft, do yard work, watch movies and spend more time together then we have in years due to our busy schedules.

On the work side, I have spent time updating my website, downsizing my stash of backdrops, props and accessories that I no longer use, sorting old galleries, planning my upcoming sessions and upgrading my tired equipment, yay! As the restrictions are easing, I now feel comfortable moving forward and slowly adding portrait sessions, in person client meetings, venue tours, hosting workshops in the park and publishing my upcoming mini session dates.

I am ready, so ready to get back out there! My new camera and lenses need to be put to good use. Take a look at my options and message me for details. Hope to have you in front of my lens soon! Let's plan something epic! Leah