Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions that you'll face during your wedding planning. When the cake is gone, and the memories have faded, only photos will remain to bring you back. I get that. I feel so deeply about preserving time for you and want to create something beautiful that your grandchildren will admire.

I try endlessly to capture every moment, every detail.

My style is a mix of the posed portraits and lifestyle candids. I want to capture those poised family portraits your mother can excitedly share with her friends and those gorgeous moments that are not posed or planned. The ones you will cherish. The way his eyes soften when he first sees you walking down that aisle. The way your sister squeezed your hand as she helped you into your dress. 

Your wedding day.... A day filled with changing light and emotions. I like to get to know my clients and every detail they are planning so I can really try to capture them, their love and those they love celebrating their commitment.  

The switch from film to digital photography has brought so many changes. With film and manual cameras you had to be a true photographer to capture images. We had to know how to adjust the settings for every situation. Now with digital photography anyone can buy a decent camera, set it on auto, overly edit on the computer and claim to be a photographer. It is heartbreaking for those of us who respect the art, chase the light and deliver authentic, clean images without photoshop. I do shoot with digital equipment but with a film mindset. I want to get it right in the camera and not "fix" it in post editing. I edit lightly edit in Lightroom. I like to keep my images natural with a bit of finish. Back in the day with film, I remember having to "paint" off blemishes on EACH physical print ordered with skin colored paint and a toothpick. Now it is just click, click, click. Technology certainly has its pros and cons. I so often hear from my newborn and family clients that they wish they had me to capture their wedding day. Weddings are fast paced with so many must have shots for photographers to capture with various light conditions, please don't trust a new inexperienced, inexpensive "momtographer" or family friend to capture your wedding day! Wedding Photography should be thought of as an investment and the top of your list.

A wedding is a one-time event, there are no reshoots. As a photographer I must be prepared for the unexpected. Aside from being fully insured with a full set of back-up equipment, I have years of experience and can adapt to any situation. Even the best planned weddings will have hiccups and I can roll with them. The biggest hurdle is often the weather. Bright full sun during the ceremony, light rain during the bridal party portraits or a dark reception venue, no worries... I have experienced it all and can find a solution for beautiful shots. 

I have been so lucky to photograph weddings at so many amazing Maine & New Hampshire Wedding Venues... Sunday River, Moose Lake Ranch, Higgins Beach Inn, Labelle Winery, Camp Roosevelt, Sugarloaf, Diadema Golf Course, Fort Williams Park, Skowhegan Art School, Lakewood Golf Course Clubhouse, Colby College, Penobscot Valley Country Club, Lucerne Inn, Acadia National Park, Morgan Hill Event Center, Bigelow Brewery, Fairytale Gardens, Camp Manitou, Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins, Newagen Inn and so many more including some pretty awesome family homes, beaches, rustic camps, barns and scenic spots. 

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