Zach was so much fun to photograph. My goal with {senior sessions} is to capture who these kids are right now... style, interests, favorite people/pets, job, vehicle ect... I am not looking to just take pretty photos in new outfits at locations they have never been to. Waaaaayyy back in the day when I was in high school, I had this oversized wool sweater from Banana Republic, it was "the sweater". If any of my friends were having a rough day they would borrow "the sweater" to help get through their family/boyfriend/disappointing grades/sports drama. Over the years, "the sweater" became felted and tattered, but if my friends and I would have had a choice of what to wear in our senior portraits (we all had to have the same studio headshots with the same velvet drape), I know this very loved sweater would have been included for many of us. I was super excited when Zach brought along his favorite outfits down to his fun socks, his fathers' Yankees jersey and even his video game system!